Respiratory Genetics Conference

“Respiratory Genetics 2014” conference will be held on 3rd – 4th September 2014 at the Nottingham Conference Centre in Nottingham City Centre. The conference aims to explore the genetic basis of a range of respiratory diseases including Asthma, COPD, ILD, IPF, CF and LAM. The program will contain the presentation of cutting edge research including GWA studies, eQTL, translational research, population genetics, QC issues in GWAS, functional studies and the genetics of lung development.

Confirmed invited speakers to date are:

Miriam Moffatt (Imperial College, London)

Ian Hall (University of Nottingham)

Martin Tobin (University of Leicester)

Stuart Elborn (Queen’s University, Belfast)

David Strachan (St George’s, University of London)

Iain Kilty (Pfizer)

John Holloway (University of Southampton)

Ian Sayers (University of Nottingham)

Erik Melén (Karolinska Institute)

Gerard Koppelman (University of Groningen)

Charlotte Dean (Imperial College, London)

Louise Wain (University of Leicester)

Simon Johnson (University of Nottingham)

Further information can be found by visiting the conference website: