Sleep medicine and NIV guidelines in Wales

The National Service Advisory Group for respiratory medicine in Wales has recently been working with various health professional interested in the provision of sleep medicine, to produce an advisory document designed to better define and develop the sleep service at a national level. More specifically, the intention is that this document will act as a template for designing sleep services by the Health Board's across Wales.

The full document can be downloaded here, as can the accompanying letter co-signed by Grant Benfield (Chair of the NSAG) and Chris Jones (Medical Director, NHS Wales).

In a separate initiative a number of WTS members have been working to produce guidelines for acute NIV. The intention is that they should provide a framework for the delivery of NIV, and will compliment a programme of nurse and physician education. The working group would greatly value any comments from the WTS. The provisional guidelines can be downloaded here

If you have any comments as regards any of these documents or proposals, thenplease send them to: they will be collated and forwarded to the working group.