Training committee update

Training log There are still teething problems with the electronic training record, and some concern was expressed that all the necessary data may not be captured using this tool alone. In particular it was thought important to remind us to keep track of our numbers for bronchoscopy and pleural procedures, along with anything else that may be relevant (initiating NIV, skin testing etc).

Out-of-program training/research Organizing this can be a logistical nightmare. To try and streamline the process and reduce confusion the training committee is going to ratify a document that sets out exactly how and when to go about this.

Additional/special training It was suggested that we should try and spread out planned attachments in things like HIV/Cystic Fibrosis/Transplant/Pulmonary hypertension etc over the course of our training to avoid trying to cram too much in to the last year or 18 months.